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Trial Engagement Shoot – Ormeau Paddock

Jun 10, 2021
GoldCoast Paddock Engagement Photographer

Trial Engagement Shoot at the Ormeau Paddock Location Our Ormeau Paddock location has become our most popular location for our Trial Engagement Shoot Ormeau Paddock. The paddock is stunning, with rolling hills and mountains as your main backdrop. You can expect long grass, which can make it tricky to walk in but absoutely stunning to

Trial Engagement Shoot – Yatala Fields

Jun 10, 2021
Yatala Engagement Photography

Trial Engagement Shoot at the Yatala Fields Location Our Yatala Fields location is perfect for those wanting a ‘country’ or ‘rural’ vibe to their Trial Engagement Photography. Set amoung the sugar cane fields, it is actually sitatuated in the suburb of Alberton. We use the location reference of Yatala simply because, well, who has ever

What Do I Wear To My Engagement Portrait?

Dec 04, 2018
Gold Coast Pre Wedding Photography

What do I wear to my Engagement Portrait? Great question! Here are some simple tips to help you pick out that perfect outfit: Feel free to wear clothing that suits your personality – after all, we want to capture the real you! Your favourite statement jewellery or a fresh floral crown might be just the thing

Sunlit Studios Exclusive Photography Locations

Sep 21, 2016

Please browse our incredible list of tried-and-proven locations that make amazing backdrops for your special memories! These are our most popular Sunlit Studios Exclusive Photography Locations, from the Sunshine Coast to Gold Coast. Over years of scouting lonely country roads and back streets, we’ve found a stunning range of Sunlit Studios exclusive photography locations. Having spent many hours

What Do I Wear To My Family Portrait?

Jul 08, 2016

What do I wear to my family portrait? Great question! Our family photography is about capturing the moments, the expressions and the interaction between family. Clothing is a perfect opportunity to express your personality and that of your childrens’, but if it comes down to a choice between two outfits, there are a few things you may

7 Reasons Why We Love Weddings at Tiffanys

Jul 08, 2016
Weddings at Tiffanys Photography

We love capturing Weddings at Tiffanys Photography! With hundreds of Weddings photographed by the Sunlit Studios team, we have been exposed to a huge variety of Wedding Venues – Australia wide and overseas. So when we choose to partner with a Wedding Venue, it’s because we think they are truly outstanding! We want to share (and