December 4, 2018

What Do I Wear To My Engagement Portrait?

What do I wear to my Engagement Portrait? Great question!

Here are some simple tips to help you pick out that perfect outfit:

  1. Feel free to wear clothing that suits your personality – after all, we want to capture the real you! Your favourite statement jewellery or a fresh floral crown might be just the thing to really give the photo that something extra special.
  2. Wear complementing (not matching) colours. A white base with vibrant pops of colour, suits our bright style perfectly! You could also go with earthy tones, beach tones or incorporate your home decor’s colours.
  3. It’s lovely for girls and women to wear a dress or skirt as a feminine contrast to the male’s pants. Dresses can look particularly stunning in silhouettes or blowing in the wind.
  4. Consider your selected location. Pops of blue look amazing against a very orange pine forest floor. Bright and light colours look beautiful at the beach. Earthy colours can really work for a paddock or green location.
  5. Invest in professional hair and make-up. Not only is it a wonderful confidence-boost and treat for yourself, but you want to be 100% happy with how you look (particularly considering our artwork is made to last for a lifetime!). When styling your hair, consider any wind factor that might be at play. Women and girls should have bobby pins and hair spray handy if there is any hint of wind.
  6. Avoid bold patterns. Strong contrast always draws attention to itself and makes the photograph look very ‘busy’. Soft or subtle patterns are perfectly fine.
  7. Avoid large logos or writing.
  8. Avoid being too matchy – everyone wearing matching white T-shirts and jeans is not very natural looking and it’s a little over-done.
  9. Avoid too much black/dark clothing – this suggestion is specific to Sunlit Studios clients because our style is quite the opposite – bright and happy!

Here is a perfect example of a white base, with pops of colour (his dark blue shirt). Keeping clothing choices clean and simple allows you attention to focus on expressions and backdrops to the photographs.

Engagement Photographs Gold Coast

She picked out a lovely dark dress, and with his shirt a light earthy blue to bring in some soft colour, it looked great with her dark hair.

Gold Coast Country Engagement Photography

A soft, floral pattern is always a nice touch, particularly shooting among tall grass and trees. He joined team-white, but choose dark shorts as to not over do it.

Engagement Photos Gold Coast

Nice earthy colours to compliment the country backdrop of our Yatala Fields location.

Gold Coast Engagement Photography

Again, a white base (her dress) with some soft colours to compliment. Sometimes, all that is needed to make a great Engagement Portrait an AMAZING one is organising some balloons filled with helium: )

Gold Coast Pre Wedding Photography

Feeling inspired? We’d love to capture your Engagement portrait! Please check out our Portraits page for loads of information and to chat to us!

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