July 8, 2016

7 Reasons Why We Love Weddings at Tiffanys

We love capturing Weddings at Tiffanys Photography! With hundreds of Weddings photographed by the Sunlit Studios team, we have been exposed to a huge variety of Wedding Venues – Australia wide and overseas. So when we choose to partner with a Wedding Venue, it’s because we think they are truly outstanding! We want to share (and show!) seven reasons we find Weddings at Tiffanys in Maleny to be the ultimate wedding venue on the Sunshine Coast hinterland. The Wedding photos we have taken there are truly stunning and we never tire of the stunning views!


We think the photos really say it all, but let us explain why it’s the perfect place to say ‘I do!’.

It’s BRIGHT – giving a beautiful fresh atmosphere and allowing us plenty of light to photograph!

It’s BEAUTIFUL – from the unbeatable view, to the glass chandeliers and white interior, it has classy, modern decor that our brides love!

It’s COMFORTABLE – Air-Conditioning and spaciousness prevent any stuffiness that other smaller chapels have. The roominess also allows for plenty of beautiful photography angles!

It’s PHOTOGENIC – Inside and out, day and dusk. You’ll see our favourite chapel dusk photos at the end!

Weddings at Tiffanys Photography
Photography by Sunlit Studios - www.sunlitstudios.com.au Weddings at Tiffanys Photography Weddings at Tiffanys Photography Weddings at Tiffanys Photography Photography by Sunlit Studios - www.sunlitstudios.com.au Find us on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/SunlitStudiosPhotography/ Weddings at Tiffanys Photography Weddings at Tiffanys Photography Photograph by Sunlit Studios fo4043sqpe


The entire Weddings at Tiffanys venue is set overlooking the Glass House Mountains and rolling hills of the Sunshine Coast hinterland. This view is enjoyed from every part of the venue – from the deck to the chapel.

Weddings at Tiffanys Photography


Weddings at Tiffanys is literally on the same road as the infamous ‘One Tree Hill’ photo location and just a short drive away from our favourite Maleny paddock. This means you get a stunning variety of photo locations without too much driving or travel time on your special day!

Weddings at Tiffanys Photography Weddings at Tiffanys Photography Photography by Sunlit Studios - www.sunlitstudios.com.au Find us on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/SunlitStudiosPhotography/Weddings at Tiffanys Photography Weddings at Tiffanys Photography


Like we said, we’ve tasted many Wedding dinners, and Weddings at Tiffanys truly stood out to us! Food is important to many of our brides and grooms, and Weddings at Tiffanys doesn’t fail to impress.

Weddings at Tiffanys Photography


Being partnered with Weddings at Tiffanys has allowed us many interactions with the team there. We were able to partner because they believe in giving the same level of quality, professional customer service that we do! Having friendly staff around on your big day really helps make it all a smoother, more pleasant experience!

Weddings at Tiffanys Photography


You’ll spend many hours on your Wedding Day at your reception, so you need to make sure it has the look, feel and atmosphere you want! The gorgeous interior and exterior of the Weddings at Tiffany building is a beautiful white blank canvas for your styling. Adorned with the same classy chandeliers, it’s again an ideal backdrop for stunning photographs and a perfect finish to your day!

Weddings at Tiffanys Photography Weddings at Tiffanys Photography


We swear the builders of Weddings at Tiffanys must have been photographers in a past life!  As well as being all-round photogenic, the grounds boast extra cute photo opportunities – from this romantic little swing to the way the chapel lights up gloriously at dusk. Book us as your photographers, and you’ve got a guaranteed recipe for photographic memories that will blow you away! 😉

Weddings at Tiffanys Photography Weddings at Tiffanys PhotographyPhotography by Sunlit Studios - www.sunlitstudios.com.au Find us on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/SunlitStudiosPhotography/ Weddings at Tiffanys Photography

Loving what you see? Both Sunlit Studios and Weddings at Tiffanys books out well in advance. Start chatting to us and Weddings at Tiffanys today!

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