Stephanie and Jiah – Shorncliffe Pier Engagement Photography

Jan 19, 2018

This Shorncliffe Pier Engagement Photography is to die for! We are not usually a fan of busy locations, particularly one right next to cement footpaths and a parking lot. We were hesitant to try out this particular location for those reasons, but once we worked on the photographs in the studio, we were amazed at the potential it held!

Shorncliffe Pier is an iconic structure, being originally constructed in the 1880’s. Today it stands as the largest timber pier in Brisbane. Due to it’s proximity to Brisbane City, it is super popular for fishing, walking and photography. As such, we had to work our magic considerably for the shots taken with the length of the pier in the background. I think you will agree it was worth it!

Location – Shorncliffe Pier, Brisbane

Photographer – Elizabeth, Sunlit Studios

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