Wedding Videography

Wedding Videos

Video captures something a photograph cannot – the squeeze of a hug, the gentle touch of a hand, a choked up voice declaring love. A wedding video is a highly emotive, artfully told story that captures the very essence of your Wedding day in a short film that you’ll want to watch hundreds and hundred of times!

There are countless benefits to choosing Sunlit Studios to capture both your Photography and Video:

• Video can be covered by your two photographers, so you still only have two quiet professional ninjas capturing your day!
• Our lead photographer and lead videographer are perfectly practiced at working together – knowing exactly how to enable both to capture the best angles.
• Dealing with a single studio for both will keep the planning and meetings involved simple and easy.
• Our photography and video style is completely complimentary – the look and feel of Sunlit Studios is consistent between both mediums!
• Our team will be able to cater the timing of your day perfectly to allow for both photo and video to be captured, with no scheduling conflicts or conflicting requirements.

But ultimately – you simply need to watch our films…


Our Wedding Videography Collections start from $2,490 and are the perfecf compliment to our warm, colourful, and candid style of Professional Photography.

To chat about our Videography Collections and service, or to see more of our Portfolio, please get in touch. We would love you help!

Don't Take Our Word For It

Lars and Neoko

“Lars and I can't thank Sunlit enough for our beautiful photos and their part in our special day. The photos are everything we've wanted since first searching for a photographer. Of course we had an engagement shoot and had a pretty good idea of what we were getting but the photos we have from our wedding are far more than we could have ever wished for. Also to have a Sunlit wedding video was so exciting!! Never had a doubt in my mind about what we would receive and the quality we would receive but again Sunlit completely exceeded every expectation. We are so in love with our video and have watched the snippet at least 100 times. I'm sure this video will be something we will look at many times in our marriage and what a beautiful way of remembering our favourite day so far.”

Talk To Us

We invite you to learn more about our Wedding Collections and the different services we offer in our Studio.

Not local to Brisbane or the Gold Coast? Not a problem, we can meet through Skype!

You will receive expert advice in planning out the timing of your day, ensuring every second spent with us is a high quality experience. You will get to see why Brides and Grooms engage Sunlit Studios to tell their wedding story and why your search for the perfect photography studio ends here. You will have the perfect Wedding Collection customised for you and should you decide to secure your date at your consultation, we’ll even thank you with a booking bonus!

    If you choose to secure your wedding date, the $1000 booking fee is fully refundable if we are not available. Please note before booking that our collections start from $2,990.