June 10, 2021

Trial Engagement Shoot – Yatala Fields

Trial Engagement Shoot – Yatala Fields Location

Our Yatala Fields location is perfect for those wanting a ‘country’ or ‘rural’ vibe to their Trial Engagement Photography.

Set amoung the sugar cane fields, it is actually sitatuated in the suburb of Alberton. We use the location reference of Yatala simply because, well, who has ever heard of Alberton!?

At this location, you can expect sugar cane fields in a variety of lengths, depending on the age of the crop. There is rusty old harvesting containers, a large shed, a small dam, and a long, long road. The long road spot on the hill is several hundred meters down the road, so we jump back in our car to get to there.

You can also expect to see kangaroos and the occasional hare. We are yet to spot a snake, but I think it’s safe to say they are out there somewhere!

Yatala Engagement Photo Shoot
Yatala Engagement Photo Shoot
Engagement Photographer Gold Coast
Engagement Photographer Gold Coast 3
Yatala Fields Trial shoot 1
Yatala Fields Trial shoot 2
Yatala Fields Trial shoot 7
Yatala Fields Trial shoot 8
Yatala Fields Trial shoot 10
Yatala Fields Trial shoot 9
Yatala Fields Trial shoot 11

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