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Trial Engagement Shoot – Ormeau Paddock

Jun 10, 2021
GoldCoast Paddock Engagement Photographer

Trial Engagement Shoot at the Ormeau Paddock Location

Our Ormeau Paddock location has become our most popular location for our Trial Engagement Shoot Ormeau Paddock.

The paddock is stunning, with rolling hills and mountains as your main backdrop. You can expect long grass, which can make it tricky to walk in but absoutely stunning to photograph in. There is different varieties of trees to work with too, making this paddock one-in-a-million for amazing photographs.

Set on a large privately owned block, we stumbled across the paddock several years ago by accident. Our studio was only 2 minutes away at the time, and it wasn’t for a couple of years that we drove passed it. We immediately took notice of its potential for a beautiful Shoot locations.

It is located just a few minutes from the Pacific Motoroway, and half way between Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

GoldCoast Paddock Engagement Photographer
GoldCoast Paddock Engagement Photographer

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