Melanie and Reece – Albert River Wines Wedding Tamborine

Nov 30, 2019
Albert River Wines Tamborine

The perfect way this Albert River Wines Wedding Tamborine ended wasn’t the best representation of how it started. The weather was rather gloomy, and the forecast wasn’t looking all that great for the ceremony, which was planned for outdoors. Luckily, Albert River Wines Tamborine boasts a cute country chapel onsite. The ceremony was easily moved into the chapel, making sure the bridal party and guests kept nice and dry.

As you can imagine, poor Melanie was so stressed from the last minute changes to her ceremony location, and the potential rain on her wedding day. We tried to add positive vibes during the getting ready photographs, but what she really needed was to be with her now-husband Reece. I have to say – when Melanie saw Reece for the first time, the peace and love she felt was written all over her sweet face. If their family and friends didn’t know it already, her expression alone screamed “I love you!!”.

Despite the gloomy, wet start, Melanie and Reece’s Wedding ended with perfection. What more could you ask for than a glorious sunny afternoon in spring at a stunning winery? Albert River Wines provides every time!

Congratulations Melanie and Reece on your wonderful Wedding and new lives together, thank you SO much for having us there to capture it all!

Albert River Wines Wedding

Venue – Albert River Wines
Photographers – Cameron and Belinda, Sunlit Studios

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