Editing Videos

Editing Videos

Our Editing Videos will do so much more then just inspire you. As you watch each photograph edited from scratch, you’ll not only see what we’re doing, but we’ll explain WHY and HOW through a scripted commentary.

Through the course of these videos you’ll learn;

1) Lightroom and Photoshop techniques that give your photographs the ‘wow’ factor!
2) How to efficiently and effectively edit large volumes of photographs without Photoshop
3) How to achieve beautiful constantly despite the huge variety in the photographs we’reediting
4) Tips and strategies that we’ve developed over many years of experience

We highly recommend beginning with ‘Master the Basics’ as the videos are designed as a course. You’ll learn in Master the Basics important strategies for editing consistently and getting the photo right the first time. All other videos will build upon those skills and introduce you to new techniques, new scenarios and new tools!

All videos range from 9-15 minutes in length, making them the perfect length to digest and apply each day.

Your fifth video will be free! 

Master the Basics

Struggle with consistent skin tones? Learn our strategy and how we edit photos right the first time!

We strongly recommend watching this video first! This video takes you through all of the Lightroom tools we use regularly and explains some of the foundational techniques we use in our style. You'll learn the approach we take to every photograph to achieve consistency throughout our diverse portfolio. You'll also see our technique to explore the full potential of every photo - allowing us to 'get it right' the first time around!


Do you struggle with green tones? Make your landscapes both vibrant and natural looking with one incredible Lightroom tool!

In this edit, we explore how to bring out the natural beauty of landscapes. We’ll show you how to keep both cool and warm tones in your photograph for a vibrant contrast. With our absolute favourite tool, we’ll show you how to paint with light and colour. Your photo will become a blank canvas with limitless possibilities!


Ready to take on Photoshop? Learn sharpening, cloning, patching, filling and more in this incredible training session!

In this video we edit a very harshly lit photograph, use sharpening techniques and explore our fundamental Photoshop techniques - cloning, patching and filling! Shot at midday, on the middle of a busy beach, we’ll reveal how we turned a tricky photo into this romantic result.


Do you struggle to smooth skin naturally and simply? Learn how to flatter your clients and they'll absolutely rave about you!

Everyone wants to look their very best on their Wedding day. Our clients love us because we help them look stunningly beautiful, while still looking like them! We’ll be discussing our philosophy when it comes to retouching and body shaping, and share some of the most effective techniques to flatter body shapes and uneven skin.


Want that picture perfect formal photograph that clients absolutely have to have? Learn the art of head swapping and you can make it happen!

When you regularly photograph multiple young children together, head swapping becomes a part of your vocabulary! We’ll show you from start to finish how we edited this photograph in both Lightroom and Photoshop to combine the best expressions possible. We also teach you how to deal with the pesky red-ear effect that happens so often in backlit photos!


While we are famous for colour, sometimes black and white brings out the incredible emotion in a photograph. With no colour to consider, we’ll show you how to easily paint light and darkness to create an emotional composition.


Struggling with bright, colourless skies and underexposed subjects? You'll learn how to give your dusk photos the wow factor!

Dusk is a particularly tricky dance partner. With such soft light, your subjects can easily become under exposed. Learn how to manage the fine balance between your subject’s lighting, while enriching the pastel soft colours of the duck sky. We’ll be using both Lightroom and Photoshop to show this special technique.


Without the need to consider skin tones, we’ll show you how to create incredible skyscapes and ensure your subjects are perfectly silhouetted against them.

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