Individual Tutorials

We Offer Three Types Of Tutorials


Our Photography Tutorial takes place at our studio and one of our gorgeous shoot locations just minutes away. We’ll work through the topics chosen at your own pace, practice some principles hands-on and review your current portfolio. We then put into practice everything that has been taught by photographing a real portrait session together! During this portrait session, we can alternate taking control and applying principles or you can simply watch how we work and practice your new techniques. After the portrait session, we’ll have some time to review the photographs, reinforce principles and answer any last questions.

The following topics are covered at your own learning pace:

Camera settings – How to use and manage your camera settings easily during a portrait or wedding. You’ll be surprised to learn we often don’t shoot in Manual mode!

Lens choice – How to know which lens to use and use it to its full potential. Composition, angle and location choice: How to get a shot that really stands out!

Lighting – Our specialty! Learn how to read light, how to handle tricky lighting situations, how to achieve flattering light on faces, how to pick the best spot in any given situation and how to capture a sunset.

Posing – Learn how to interact with your clients to get the most natural expressions, how to work with children and how to keep poses fresh and original.

Personal feedback – Learn what the next level for you is and how to get there. Receive feedback on your photography skills and style.

Practice – 1 hour shooting exercise on location with models. You can use and keep the images you take to add to your portfolio.

Investment: $750 for 4 hours including a full hour of shooting with models, detailed take home information and two weeks of email support. $100 non-refundable deposit required, or pay in full through our shop to book in immediately!


Our Editing Tutorial will show you just how endless the possibilities are with the right skills and knowledge! Editing can make all the difference to your photography and it’s importance is frequently underestimated. This tutorial takes place in our studio at any time of the day that best suits you.

The following topics are covered at your own learning pace:

Workflow – We show you how we manage and edit large volumes of photos easily and efficiently. We’ll teach you how we can custom edit 100 photos in just 15 minutes!

Editing – We show you how to achieve natural skin colour and correct exposure using Lightroom.

Style – We show you different techniques and styles to bring out the best in every photo.

Re-touching – We teach you how to re-touch skin, correct a double chin or tuck in a bulging waist in Photoshop. People will love (and want to buy!) the natural, beautiful, professional result!

Fix-ups – We teach you the tools you need to fix up any unwanted objects or people in a photograph. We can also teach you how to do a head swap for those large family photographs!

Practice – If you have taken the photography tutorial first, we upload and use your images in an exercise. We give you further photography feedback on them and help you to apply the editing techniques just learned.

“You don’t take a photograph, you make it”

Investment: $550 for 2-3 hours and detailed take home information. $100 non-refundable deposit to book, or instantly pay the full amount through our shop to book in right now!


Our Business Tutorial is the absolute best way to jump start your business and completely open your eyes! Photographers too quickly burn out because they do not invest equal time and effort into increasing their business skills. Simple knowledge can save you years of trial and error, and start earning you thousands of dollars more straight away.

In our business tutorials, we don’t hold back. We’ll share exactly how we run a successful photography studio and everything we’ve learned along the way. We’ll answer any questions you have and really take a hands on approach in bettering your business, branding and strategies.

We’ll tailor the day to your specific needs, but usually cover the following content:

Branding, Website and Basic Strategies – Getting the basics right is the best foundation!

In Person Selling – This is how you start becoming profitable!

Wedding Album Selling – Why our clients can invest a further 8K after the Wedding and love us for it.

Marketing – How to bring more clients to your door!

‘There is more art to business then there is in photography’

Investment: $850 for a full day together and lunch is included. $100 non-refundable deposit required, or pay in full through our shop to book in immediately!

the raves

l recently had a photography tutorial and editing tutorial with Alana and l couldn't speak any higher of the day. Alana, made me feel really comfortable despite the fact that l'm such an amateur. She taught me really so much and did not hold back in sharing her photography tips. l left the day filled with a much greater depth of knowledge and felt genuinely excited about applying all that she had taught me. l'd recommend the tutorial to anybody & would even love to do it again once l'd improved on the areas that l recently learnt about


Thank you so much for your time! My few hours with you were an absolute blast and I learnt more with you in those few hours than I have from studying photography at TAFE for the past two years! It was worth the money ten times over and I would do it again in a heart beat!

Makayla, Makayla Jack Photography

This has been by far the best asset for my business! Just after the first lesson it unlocked the key points I was missing and had been searching for, for years. So very happy I did this for me and my business, my confidence and passion has returned and I am more excited about my work then ever before :)

Candice, Pure Lustre Photography

It was such a blessing to meet Alana and have the privilege of doing a one-on-one Photography, Editing and Business Tutorial together. WOW! I learned so much and I can't wait to start putting it all into practice! Thank you just isn't enough!! SO BLESSED! You're incredible!!

Jodi, No Greater Joy Photography

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