One-on-one tutorial

Master the Basics

We recommend watching this video first! This video takes you through all of the Lightroom tools we use regularly and explains some of the foundational techniques we use in our style. You’ll see how we transformed this portrait using only Lightroom, ready to show our clients.

Make Nature Glow

In this edit, we explore how to bring out the natural beauty of landscapes. We’ll show you how to keep both cool and warm tones in your photograph for a vibrant contrast. With our favourite tool, the adjustment brush, we’ll show you how to paint with light and colour.

Privacy Please

Without a loud speaker and some serious commotion, having the public in the background is an inevitable part of many landscapes! Shot at midday, on the middle of a busy beach, we’ll reveal how we turned a tricky photo into this romantic result.

All about skin

Everyone wants to look their very best on their Wedding day. Our clients love us because we help them look stunningly beautiful, while still looking like them! We’ll be discussing our philosophy when it comes to retouching and body shaping, and share some of the most effective techniques to flatter body shapes and uneven skin.

Our Editing Tutorial will show you just how endless the possibilities are with the right skills and knowledge! Editing can make all the difference to your photography and it’s importance is frequently underestimated. This tutorial takes place in our studio at any time of the day that best suits you.

The following topics are covered at your own learning pace:

Workflow – We show you how we manage and edit large volumes of photos easily and efficiently. We’ll teach you how we can custom edit 100 photos in just 15 minutes!

Editing – We show you how to achieve natural skin colour and correct exposure using Lightroom.

Style – We show you different techniques and styles to bring out the best in every photo.

Re-touching – We teach you how to re-touch skin, correct a double chin or tuck in a bulging waist in Photoshop. People will love (and want to buy!) the natural, beautiful, professional result!

Fix-ups – We teach you the tools you need to fix up any unwanted objects or people in a photograph. We can also teach you how to do a head swap for those large family photographs!

Practice – If you have taken the photography tutorial first, we upload and use your images in an exercise. We give you further photography feedback on them and help you to apply the editing techniques just learned.

“You don’t take a photograph, you make it”

Investment: $550 Two hours and detailed take home information. $100 non-refundable deposit to book, or instantly pay the full amount through our shop to book in right now!

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