Katie and Brody – Sunshine Coast Engagement Photography

Mar 21, 2017
Sunshine Coast Engagement Photography

Katie and Brody’s Sunshine Coast Engagement Photography started off in a location we haven’t used before. Looking at this first photograph, you wouldn’t think we were in the mountain-top hillls of Maleny. We decide to experiment with the creek bed at Gardner Falls, which is just a short drive away from our most popular “One

Hayley and Owen – Gold Coast Beach Engagement Photography

Feb 24, 2017
Gold Coast Beach Engagement Photography

Gold Coast Beach Engagement Photography is a relaxing, romantic way to celebrate your love story and your commitment to each other. It’s certainly not a chore for our couples, it’s a fun, natural experience that creates these amazing results! Hayley and Owen’s love story is a beautiful slow progression to the bond they have now

Amanda and Marty – Brisbane Engagement Photos

Jan 28, 2017
Brisbane Engagement Photos

Amanda and Marty requested their Brisbane Engagement Photos be taken at our Wights Mountain location. With a majority of our locations south of Brisbane or the Sunshine Coast, Wights Mountain is a popular spot for those wanting Brisbane Engagement Photos closer to home on the north side. Location – Wights Mountain, Brisbane Photographer – Alana, Sunlit Studios

Jessica and Scott – Gold Coast Engagement Photos

Oct 29, 2016
Gold Coast Engagement Photos

Jessica and Scott needed Gold Coast Engagement Photos and we needed ‘models’ for another Photography One-on-One Tutorial! It was a match made in heaven. Jess and Scott met as young teenagers as work colleagues. Scott recalls; “I had always had an eye on Jess as she always stood out in the room and had my

Stacie and Matthew – Brisbane Engagement Photography

Sep 12, 2016
Brisbane Engagement Photography

Brisbane Engagement Photography at our Wights Mountain location has become increasingly popular, particularly among our couples on the north side of Brisbane. From the untrained eye, this Brisbane Engagement Photography location is just another road through a rural part of town. But to Sunlit Studios, it’s a magical spot full of variety and depth, and conveniently located

Lauren and Tim – Gold Coast Engagement Shoot

Aug 26, 2016
Yatala Gold Coast Engagement Shoot

You are going to love this Gold Coast Engagement Shoot with Lauren and Tim! It’s hard not to when all the elements of a gorgeous shoot come together – delightfully sunny weather, long rich green grass and a very cute couple. Lauren and Tim said they love camping  so we felt our popular location in Yatala,

Ashleigh and Dave – Brisbane Engagement Shoot

Jul 08, 2016

We love this fun and romantic Brisbane Engagement Shoot! Hidden away in Brisbane is one of the most beautiful photo locations – stunning fields with an incredible pine forest! Ashleigh and Dave chose this spot to have some fun, candid and natural engagement photos before their big day. They were laughing throughout the entire shoot, which

Rihanna and Joe – Gold Coast Pine Forest Engagement Shoot

Jul 08, 2016
Gold Coast Pine Forest Engagement Shoot

We headed to our favourite Gold Coast pine forest engagement shoot location to celebrate Rianna and Joe’s engagement. Rianna and Joe make it look like posing in a canoe was a breeze… when it’s actually really tricky! The canoe is constantly being turned around and balancing is always risky. They had so much fun and managed

Lauren and Adam – Tamborine Mountain Engagement Shoot

Jul 08, 2016
Tamborine Mountain Engagement Shoot

It’s always breathtaking photographing a Tamborine Mountain Engagement Shoot. We never run out of beautiful backdrops to capture special memories for our clients. We headed to the gorgeous Cedar Creek waterfall on Tamborine Mountain to celebrate this couple’s engagement! Lauren and Adam tie the knot in August, which is creeping up so fast! We can’t wait for

Regina and Raymond – Gold Coast Pre Wedding Shoot

Jul 08, 2016
Gold Coast Pre Wedding Shoot

Regina and Raymond came on holiday from Hong Kong before they tie the knot this December! For their Gold Coast Pre Wedding Shoot, they wanted a ‘Photo Tour’ around some of the most beautiful locations on the Gold Coast. So we took them to our favourite fields in Yatala, then our favourite beach on the Gold Coast

Nina and Christian – Gold Coast Country Couple Shoot

Jul 06, 2016
Gold Coast Country Couple Shoot

Nina has been chomping at the bit to have her own beautiful photographs ever since she was a bridesmaid at this gorgeous wedding! So she was the first to put her hand up when we called out for some models for another One-on-One Photography Tutorial! We headed to one of our favourite spots for this Gold